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  • NPI to production run, from one board to 50,000 units per month

  • Quick turn for initial quantities; 1-5 day turn

  • SMT and Through-Hole assembly

  • Lines designed to match customer types

  • Selective Solder/Wave for Through-Hole

  • Single and double-sided

  • 3D AOI, 3D SPI, and X-Ray for inspection

  • Box Build

  • Conformal Coating

  • Hand assembly

  • Sub-assemblies

  • Custom cables and harnesses

  • Finished goods stocking

  • Product programming and testing

  • End user order fulfillment

  • Final systems integration

  • Onsite support

  • Repair depot

  • Component kitting and Inventory Management

SMT lines side.jpeg


Case Study - Silvercar by Audi

Silvercar EWME partner case study thumbn


East/West has multiple SMT lines that leverage ESE and Speedprint screen printers, Hanwha and Assembleon Pick and Place machines, and TSM and Heller reflow ovens. East/West SMT operators and engineers implement profiles for Leaded and Lead-free assemblies as well as creating profiles for boards with unique component placement challenges.

East/West provides surface mount capability down to 01005 sized components. Our equipment places multiple kinds of IC packages including QFN and BGA.

East/West provides bench top soldering of Through-Hole components, and leverages specialized equipment for larger projects including Selective Solder and Mini-wave. These allow us to maximize the use of our technicians to complete jobs requiring multiple through-hole components.

For additional quality control, East/West technicians use Pemtron 3D SPI, Mirtec 3D AOI and Glenbrook X-Ray for high volume production and/or troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Conformal Coating and Dispensing is accomplished with the industry leading SCS PrecisionCoat V System

ESE Screen Printer.png
Hanwha Decan S2 pick and place.png
TSM TRN reflow oven.jpeg
ESE Screen Printer
Hanwha DECAN S1
TSM TRN and Heller Reflow Ovens
Pemtron 3D SPI.jpeg
Pemtron 3D SPI
Nordson Selective Solder
Mirtec 3D AOI.png
Mirtec MV-6 3D AOI
SCS Conformal Coating
Glenbrook X-Ray
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