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Often referred to as a "Box Build", East/West Manufacturing Enterprises is a leader in providing Build-to-Print (BTP) manufacturing services for equipment, cases, cables and other assemblies. At East/West, we can either source the material, or use components and material supplied by the customer. East/West will build according to customer-supplied drawings, written documentation, or specifications.

We pride ourselves on completing our customers' build-to-print projects on time and in budget. Our team of experts will communicate every step of the way and provide feedback on documentation completeness, whether or not parts are obsolete or can be procured more cost effectively, and any issues that may impede the manufacturing process. 

East West provides the expertise, project ownership, and manufacturing processes to ensure success.

  • Build-to-Print (BTP) completed assemblies, Testing/Custom Cables

    • We work with you to define the needs for your project

    • First Article available prior to volume production

    • “Box Build”

  • Procurement of all material

  • Able to warehouse parts/completed units

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Ready to start? Send your Request for Quote (RFQ) to, and we will send you a quote within 48 hours.

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