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East/West Manufacturing offers full Functional Testing (FCT), in addition to In-Circuit Testing (ICT) services, as a final step in the manufacturing process. Functional Testing provides a pass/fail result on finished Printed Circuit Board Assemblies (PCBAs) before they are shipped. The value for customers is verification that the PCB assembly will function as desired, providing confidence that the final product will work as advertised when deployed.


Functional testing can range from simple ‘red light/green light’ type of testing, to more sophisticated functional testing involving geospatial tracking and verification, multi-variant test output, test probe and edge connector measurements, and/or programming verification.


In addition to FCT and ICT, East/West can program the firmware as desired with any required elements including MAC Addresses, IP Addresses, or firmware upgrades via customer software programming updates.

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How is Testing Performed?


A functional test emulates the operational environment to ensure the product's correct functionality. The operational environment many consist of a device that communicates with the PCBA Device Under Test (DUT). Typically, the DUT’s power supply and software test program will load the necessary parameters to make the DUT work properly.


The Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) may be subjected to a sequence of signals and power supply voltages. Responses are monitored at specific points to ensure correct functionality. All testing is performed according to the customer test engineer’s specifications and procedures.

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