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East/West has built a variety of industrial and technology company products.  We have robust experience and capabilities to benefit a customer’s product launch to the market.


East/West offers multiple solutions for a wide range of requirements:


  • Complex systems – from a single unit to thousands per month

  • High-mix product lines with unique requirements and features

  • Mid to high-volume devices


East/West has established a robust supplier ecosystem, the ability to source, and Tier-1 processes to receive, handle, assemble and test a multitude of product technologies:


  • Electronics and Interconnection

  • Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Enclosures / Mechanical

  • Automation

  • RF technology and testing

Industrial Product Experience


  • Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS)

  • Turn-key, partial-turnkey, and consignment

  • Product lifecycle from conception to End-of-Life (EOL)

  • Cost effective supply chain management

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) checks

  • Prototypes, PCBAs and box build

  • Full range of test options

  • Repair depot

  • Managed forward and reverse logistics

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