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East/West Manufacturing Enterprises Purchases Glenbrook X-Ray System

AUSTIN, TX — East/West Manufacturing Enterprises, one of the industry’s leading full-service EMS companies, announces the addition of the Glenbrook JewelBox 70T X-Ray system to its shop floor. The JewelBox-70T delivers superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for laboratory and failure analysis applications. The system’s patented XRTV X-ray camera and Crystal-X imaging plus a 10 micron MicroTech™ X-ray source provide magnification from 7X to 2000X, with resolution of 100 line pairs/mm.

The ability to manipulate the subject with the five-axis positioner and simultaneously view it from any angle allows the operator to produce accurate images quickly during failure analysis.

“The new X-ray system helps us maintain a consistent level of quality on complex PCB assembly projects for our customers” said Roger Hamilton, Production Manager at East/West. “It greatly helps in troubleshooting and general diagnostics of hard-to-inspect parts such as BGAs and other fine-pitch components.”

All JewelBox inspection systems come with the pre-installed GTI-5000 Image Processing Workstation. The extensive features of the GTI-5000, including Auto-BGA and void measurement, make the JewelBox-70T an ideal laboratory instrument to inspect electronic components and more.

“The Glenbrook Jewel Box 70T X-ray system contains a 10 micron focal spot X-ray tube and 5 axis positioner with 360 degree rotation and 45 degree tilt,” commented Steve Zweig, VP of Sales, Glenbrook. “These advanced features allow operators to do process control of BGAs to check for shorts, voids, insufficient reflow and other process issues. It also allows inspection of incoming parts including PCBs, connectors and components to ensure the quality of suppliers.”


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